Falafi AI technology

Advantages of connecting with Falafi AI

We always put the safety and satisfaction of our traders first. So trading with Falafi AI will help traders feel really relaxed

Friendly interface easy to operate
Low profit sharing rate 80/20
Profits are always growing
Traders manage their own capital

How It Works

Falafi AI works by connecting API Key with trader's account.

Check Wave Amplitude

Falafi AI will aggregate wave data of the markets selected by the trader. And choose the time to execute the trade in accordance with the specified capital data

Transaction activation

Falafi AI will execute trades on trader's account immediately at a price zone with favorable wave amplitude

Optimal take profit

Falafi AI takes profits based on the trader's initial indication and can go higher on favorable bullish wave conditions

How to connect with Falafi AI

3 steps to connect

Trading Account

Traders need an account on exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, Gate... to be able to access API KEY. How to retrieve API KEY on Binance

Connect API Key with Falafi AI

Traders need to connect API Key with Falafi AI to complete data exchange. How to connect Api Key with Falafi AI

Activate Falafi AI

Traders need to deposit credits for Falafi AI to be activated. On every successful trade order Falafi AI will directly deduct credit instead of profit sharing. How to top up credit

Trading environment

Compatible Exchanges

Falafi AI is compatible with all major exchanges today. We are planning to work together to retrieve data from these exchanges to help Falafi AI achieve more optimal speed in the future.